Onsite & Emergency Testing

Mobile 24 labs is not just a cool sounding name. We are available to do your employment hiring event, random testing, post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing. We offer a full spectrum of drug testing services at your location. Please utilize our contact info to schedule events during regular business hours. We ask that you try to schedule these as far in advance as possible, as we book constantly. If you are in a jam, give us a call  at (407)798-0317and we will aim to accommodate your needs.

We are available for emergencies, even when we are not open. Fees do apply for this premium service. As a courtesy please be ready to do business when utilizing our after-hours emergency number. We are not a large call center,  we are staffed by employees on call. We can often Mobilize in 20 minutes or less from receiving your call.

To receive emergency after hours service. Please call (407)779-9244 and leave a message with your phone number and a brief description of the nature of your emergency. Someone will return your call within 15 minutes. We apologize for this process, but find it necessary due to the volume of non-emergency calls.

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